Vedic Foundations of Indian Management

Transcendence Through The Vedas Besides the spiritual value, the Vedas are a source of boundless knowledge from several aspects of human sustainability and development. Vedic Foundations of Indian Management (VFIM) is the wing of ISOL Research Foundation entirely dedicated to the process of formulation of a new dimension of progress in the corporate society and entrepreneurship through an integration of the Vedic insights with the current trends of managerial practices. Aside from the unremitting flow of knowledge, the Vedas comprise of powerful and magnetic mantras, the chanting of which have proven to systematically lead to a state of complete positive energy and spiritual awakening. The scientific basis of every facet of the Vedas is staggering and the scope of establishment of an optimistic work environment through the implementation of the same is tremendous. VFIM attempts to transform this picture into a reality equipping every corporate house with a mechanism so profoundly dynamic and individuals equally efficient so as to promote ceaseless progress. It is entirely based on Indian culture paving the way for delving into the wisdom network and aimed at .